Friday, March 4, 2011

Reverse weekend/week

There is something profoundly and essentially wrong with the concept of working on the weekend. Of course, there is the classic part-time job, five-hour Saturday shift to earn bucks necessary for a movie with your date or a year-long saving plan for a pair of really hot shoes. But the principle of working for 20 hours starting on Friday night, the glory night of The Weekend through all of time, is wrong. I find myself in such a situation, and cannot come to any other conclusion than that of the necessity of reversing my core perception of the week and the weekend. It should of course be noted that my contact hours at university are a ridiculous twelve per week. Twelve. That's one half of a day over five days. I have no classes on Tuesday and am never at uni for more than three hours at a time, each of which have all been cut down ten minutes due to Curtin policy of "recess in class". Also a strange concept, which I won't dwell on now. My point with these ridiculous contact statistics, is that I am currently experiencing the infamous "chilled out week", while at the same time having to power through the notorious "hard core working weekend". In other words, reversing my idea of what the week and weekend is and is not in terms of sleep, relaxation, socializing, working, studying and fun, should not be too hard. And yet, changing these core cornerstones of my view on reality seems to be much more challenging than I had thought it would be. I look at the top right corner clock on my laptop screen, which shows Fri. 18:07, and my brain automatically tells the rest of my body that it is time to get ready for some seriously fun action. It takes about three seconds for a slower part of my brain to remind itself that it is the partypooper of my life, and must make it clear to the rest of me that I am in fact starting my eight hour long shift in less than two hours. It's like battling instinct with reason. About the weekend. One of the many challenges of student life. Apparently.

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