Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To coincidence and happy days

Sometimes life really does throw funny things at you. You may be stressed out about work (being too Scandinavian) or school (being too far behind) or men (which are non-existent) or even friends, but it seems to me that every single day has its own way of making you laugh or just smile at the irony in life. I had a brilliant day today. In my Writing, Rhetoric and Persuasion class we had to debate. OH. THE. HORROR. Just the mere thought of having to argument for why R-rated games should be banned in Australia and also having to make it consistent and eloquent, with only like 20 minutes to prepare. Painful. Although I guess I should be happy my group didn’t get assigned the negative group that argued against naming and shaming sexual offenders. But although I was absolutely dreading this ordeal, once we got up there it was all about the fun; the art of rhetoric, but the fun in it too. The highlight was definitely classmate Allan’s passionate speech about Australia and its values in rehabilitation, not punishment. At the end of my tutorial I finally approached a British chap I’ve been meaning to speak to for weeks; he’s one of those quirky characters who says the most inappropriate things but still manages to charm the class into laughing. And I had the most relaxed and fun afternoon I’ve had in a long time. Sometimes the rental renewal lease and the five managers and the school work and the disappointments can get you down. But it’s almost as if life knows exactly when you’ve had enough and need just a little cheer-up. Thanks, circumstance.

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