Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011: 2012

20 minus. 35 plus. Shitty fans. Empty apartment. Apartment full of cardboard. Ice cubes. Beer. Beer. Beer. Pouring beer. Pouring more beer. IKEA. Pass. Distinction. High distinction. Curtin. Freo. Late for orientation week. Bus breakdown. Friend from Malaysia. Ridiculously warm nights. Text messages. Ice skating. Grill'd. Couch. Closets. Table. Chairs. Bookshelf. Bookshelf full of books. Tips. Late nights. Bicycle. Broke. Macaroni and cheese. Bread with ketchup and cheese for breakfast. Bread with ketchup and cheese for dinner. Love. Heartbreak. Cape Town. Swaziland. Cold. Colder. The Ellington Jazz Club. Amazing music. Amazing people. Beating heart again. Smiles. More smiles. Visit from Norway. Holidays. Working in the holidays. New semester. Warmer days. Slow weather. New job. Birkenstock shoes. Sanne. Room mate. Wifey. Domino's on Friday nights. Gelare on Sunday afternoons. More money. Shopping. Malt Supper Club. Best Cosmos ever. Happiness. Animation in Art and Creativity. Leaves. Warm days. 1/3 of bachelor completed. Staff party. Little Creatures. Happiness. Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys. Deville's Pad. Chinese food. The Troll Hunter. The movies. More Grill'd. Properly warm days. The beach. Taco at the beach. Parties. Airplane. Norway. Dad. Tone. Rakel. Elias. Best Christmas ever. Oslo. Kanelbullar. Happiness. 2012.

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