Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Keys; the music kind

You know it's good music when you don't want the ice in your cocktail to make noise. Listening to sweet piano keys that are like velvet in my ears, and I don't want anyone or thing to disturb the beautiful Cuban woman on stage in front of me. The magical music; the one that comes alive and makes stories and fuels that passion within you, to travel to a place the can make you feel as calm and serene as this gorgeous and deliciously crafted artwork does. Art for the ears is better than those old paintings down at the gallery, I think anyway. Her soul is in the music; every grain of her body dancing to it as it comes to life at her fingertips. The owner of the amazing jazz club where I work said she's so good she's gone round and become bad. Twice. It's beautiful and inspiring. She is one of those fortunate ones who show, rather than tell. And what does she show you? In the music, there is true love and true passion for herself; for her own dreams and goals. It makes me hopeful for my own future and as the applause rises I smile at the little piece of myself that she has given back to me.

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